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If you want to hire a graphic designer you will typically get just a graphic designer and some design advice. If you need photography you hire a photographer.  If you need business advice you will hire a consultant.  Combining our strengths we can rebrand (or brand) your business, eliminating the need for high counts and maximizing your return on investment. Without taking all these steps your business will not operate at its full potential. We are going to do all of this at the fraction of the cost all while saving you time and money. 

Start Kickin’ Workshop was the smartest investment I have made in my business. New website, headshots, logo, and an entire new brand...truly worth every single penny.
— Holiday Miller, Office Buzz

What We Do

  • Templates, downloads, and resources available for purchase in this SHOP. Design services are available in this SHOP. All geared towards productivity, efficiency, and giving you a high return on investment. 
  • Offer a custom tailored website build and full branding solutions for startups and established companies. Using software that YOU can easily update. 
  • Two Day Intensive Workshops that is a mesh of business, branding, and website creation. We will create a new logo, take care of your headshots, and help you create a whole new brand. 
  • Networking. We really believe it is the cornerstone of success. We have created an environment to allow you to learn, connect, and to stay energized!